We promote companies that are adhering to true zero-waste principles and create awareness of their efforts to capture and repurpose carbon.


Carbon capture and repurpose constitutes a mix of technologies with the goal of collecting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases so they do not escape into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.  To realistically affect climate change, we need to do more than reduce carbon waste, we need to immediately begin capturing more carbon than we release in a drawdown scenario.  There are three primary places Nature stores vast amounts of carbon; in the oceans, in soil and in plant tissues.  We can only affect climate change if we reduce the legacy load of carbon that already exists in the atmosphere and store it.  By approaching waste and asking, “how can we capture wasted resources so they can be made valuable again?”, we can reverse the linear systemic extraction of resources in agriculture and begin to mitigate the carbon released into our atmosphere thereby reducing the effects of climate change.